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Checkout our New Advertising Campaign Around Town! Remember that you "Better Call Hall!"

Joseph D. Hall & Associates LLC Feb. 14, 2023

We have launched a totally new, totally original new advertising catchphrase. We are telling people that if something bad happens that they "Better Call Hall!". This phrase has never been used anywhere and is totally absolutely 100 percent originally thought up and created by us! It in no way is any sort of pop-culture reference, or anything of the like! Better Call Hall was thought up from a stroke of genius that hit totally independent of any outside factors while a member of our staff was watching television one night. But honestly, at Joseph D Hall & Associates we enjoy a great story as much as everyone else. If you want to tell us your story about a way in which you think you have been wronged and require civil redress, give us a call today! Remember you Better Call Hall!

Better Call Hall Billboard