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Dog Bites Attorney in Omaha, Nebraska

At Joseph D Hall & Associates we are dog lovers, despite this we understand the serious nature of the actions and damage caused by those few “bad dogs”. When good dogs go bad, they can cause some real damage. Dog bit injuries can be serious and sometimes even fatal. 

Dog bite injuries are a common and often serious problem, particularly for children. In the United States, it is estimated that over four million people are bitten by dogs each year, and nearly one in five of those bites require medical attention. These injuries can range from minor puncture wounds to serious lacerations and infections, and they can have both physical and psychological effects on the victims. 

One of the main reasons that dog bites are so common is that dogs are often unpredictable animals. They can be playful and friendly one moment, but if they feel threatened or provoked, they may lash out and bite. Children, in particular, may not understand the signs that a dog is becoming aggressive, and they may accidentally provoke a bite by pulling on a dog's tail or ears, or by trying to take a toy or treat away from the dog. 

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Another factor that contributes to dog bite injuries is the failure of dog owners to properly train and control their pets. Many dogs are not adequately trained to obey commands and to behave in a safe and predictable manner. In addition, some dog owners may not take the necessary precautions to prevent their pets from biting, such as keeping them leashed in public or making sure that they are properly socialized with other animals and people. 

The severity of a dog bite injury can vary depending on the size, breed, and behavior of the dog, as well as the location and depth of the bite. In general, bites to the face, neck, and hands are the most serious, as they can cause severe lacerations, nerve damage, and infections. Dog bites to children often happen in the face of the child, causing serious disfigurement. Bites to the arms and legs are less likely to be fatal, but they can still cause significant scarring and disability. 

Treatment for dog bite injuries typically involves cleaning the wound and controlling any bleeding, as well as administering antibiotics to prevent infection. In some cases, more extensive medical intervention may be necessary, such as stitches or surgery to repair damaged tissue. In addition to the physical effects of a dog bite, victims may also experience psychological trauma, such as fear or anxiety around dogs, and they may need counseling to help them overcome these emotions. 

Preventing dog bite injuries involves taking a number of precautions, both for dog owners and for people who come into contact with dogs. For dog owners, this means providing proper training and socialization for their pets, keeping them under control at all times, and ensuring that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations. For individuals who encounter dogs, it means avoiding situations that may provoke a bite, such as approaching an unknown dog or attempting to take something away from a dog. 

Dog bite injuries are a serious concern, and they can have significant physical and emotional effects on the victims. If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, give Joseph D Hall & Associates a call today.